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This is Project Anumajor Website. Welcome!

The purpose of this Project Anumajor is to employ personal computers and let them do what they can do best--computing. This project is managed by people who love astronomy, astrophysics, numerical mathematics, computer programming, etc.

Project Anumajor is composed of individual projects presented on this website, and each contributor is responsible for his or her own projects and takes care of them. Because the only common denominator of all the projects is applied numerical mathematics, it is also a part of this project's name, ANUMAJOR (Applied NUmerical MAthematics by JOR).


So far the only presentable project is AstroFly, which enables you to explore our neighborhood in our own Milky Way Galaxy on a personal computer.

We hope that more projects will follow soon.

Contact Information

Project Anumajor
Chomutice 17
507 53 Chomutice
Czech Republic


Since we run this project on a voluntary basis, we meet at our center very sporadically; therefore, please use only the e-mail contact.